We are looking to fill up 3 positions:

  • The embedded systems guy
  • The science guy
  • The low-level programmer

Who are we?

We are a startup company with a comfortable seed financing that specializes in computer vision and the infrastructure that drives it. We are looking for someone to help us produce a next generation of video analytics. Our application fields are automatic video surveillance and vision solutions for blind people. It is needless to say that tinkering in our work with artificial intelligence, embedded devices and real-time applications is unapologetic fun.

Work parameters:

  • Full-time employment in Sofia, BG
  • Salary is BGN 3000/month
  • Remote work is possible and encouraged

Who are we looking for?

Although we are looking for general intelligence and a certain level geekiness, there are some minimal requirements which we cannot forgo requiring. Read next the section that applies to you.

The embedded systems guy

  • Master/Magister in engineering, computer science or similar;
  • Specialized + 3years of work experience in embedded systems, electronics OR robotics.

The science guy

  • Master/Magister in mathematics, engineering, computer science or similar;
  • Specialized + 3years of work experience in machine learning, deep learning, computer vision models, optimization algorithms, dynamic systems, neural networks, probabilistic models OR autonomous systems.

The low-level programmer

  • Master/Magister in computer science, engineering OR similar;
  • Specialized + 3years of work experience with firmware/OS development, microcontrollers, firmware OR C/C++ development.

What kind of work?

The embedded systems guy

  • Dev-ops;
  • Hardware assembly;
  • Integration of software and hardware.

The science guy

  • Computer vision models research;
  • Testing and comparison of existing models;
  • Scientific calculations (numpy, torch, tensorflow);
  • Model training and optimization.

The low-level programmer

  • Writing in C/C++ computer vision modules;
  • Application modules for mobile;
  • Firmware and drivers development;
  • Extending scientific software frameworks.

How should I apply?

  1. Send your CV to
  2. Complete the application form available HERE.